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Service Pricing

Gel with thin builder gel

Gel Overlay on natural nail – R 250.00

Gel Overlay on natural nail Extra-Long – R290.00

Gel and tips – R270

Gel and Tips Extra-long – R310


Gel with reinforcement Gel

Gel Overlay on natural nails – R 270.00

Gel Overlay on natural nails Extra-long – R310.00

Gel and Tips- R290.00

Gel and Tips Extra-long – R330.00



Polygel short/meduim – R 280.00

Polygel long – R 300.00

Nail Art

Art two nails – R 20.00

Art four nails – R 40.00

Art six nails – R 60.00

Art eight nails – R 80.00

Art ten nails – R 100.00

Detailed nail art – R30 per nail

Cartoons – R20 per nail

3D nail art – R20 per nail

Rhinestones – R2 per stone

Rhinestones large – R3 per stone


Soak Off

Soak with Acetone – R 100.00

Soak with efile hands – R 60.00

Soak with efile toes – R 50.00


Sinus drainage massage – R135

Leg massage – R185

Reflexology incl: consultation massage – R410

Cold grass back (30min) – R250

Cold grass full body (1 hour) – R400

Indian head massage (30min) – R205

Sport massage (1hr) – R405

Hot stone back (40min) – R305

Hot stone Full body (1 hour) – R400

Aromatherapy full body (1 hour) – R455

Swedish back (30 min) – R255

Swedish full (1 hour) – R355


Acrylic Overlay on natural nails – R 270.00

Acrylic Overlay on natural nails Extra-long – R305

Acrylic french Overlay on natural nails – R 290.00

Acrylic french Overlay on natural nails Extra-Long – R340.00


Acrylic and Tips – R290.00

Acrylic and Tips Extra-long – R340.00

Acrylic french and Tips – R310.00

Acrylic french and Tips Extra-Long – R360.00

Acrylic fill same color – R230

Acrylic scultpures – R350

Acrylic sculptures Extra-long – R400


Spa manicure – R 190.00

Express manicure- R 110.00


Paraffin Pedicure – R 250.00

Spa Pedicure- R 230.00

Express Pedicure – R 130.00


Lash Tint – R 70.00

Eyebrow Tint – R 70.00


Deep Cleanse Facial – R 290.00

Express Facial – R 160.00


Gel toes – R190

Acrylic on toes – R230

Tips on toes with gel – R230

Gel on toes with 20min foot massage – R300


Microneedling – R800.00

Additional nail services and products

Anti Stain Coat both hands – R45.00

Anti stain bottle – R150

Single tip repair – R20

Silk repair – R20

Additional nail shape Coffin/Ballerina/Almond/Stiletto – R40 both hands


Before lash appointment don’t wear any makeup or mascara.
Cluster lashes R210
Classic lashes – R360

Classic lashes 2 week fill – R170

Classic lashes 3 week fill – R190

Classic lashes 4 week fill – R320


Hybrid lashes – R510

Hybrid lashes 2 week fill – R230

Hybrid lashes 3 week fill – R270

Hybrid lashes 4 week fill – R450


Volume lashes – R560

Volume lashes 2 week fill – R240

Volume lashes 3 week fill – R280

Volume lashes 4 week fill – R460


Mega Volume lashes – R750

Mega Volume lashes 2 week fill – R300

Mega Volume lashes 3 week fill – R400

Mega Volume lashes 4 week fill – R650


Lashes Aftercare

Avoid getting your lashes wet within the first 24hrs and swimming for 48hrs.
If possible it is advised to try to sleep on your back for the first night. There after be advised that they will fall out more the side on which you predominantly sleep on.
Very important not to let any cleansers, moisturizers or eye creams containing oil come into contact with the lashes, as oil dissolves the bond.
Use an oil free product to remove eye shadow and eyeliner. Avoid cotton balls rounds, the fluffy fibres can hook and pull on your lashes causing discomfort and irritation. A soft lint free make up removing/cleaning cloth is also avail from your lash artist.
Avoid hot steam from shower; sauna and heat from the sun before the first 48hrs and after this period keep it to a minimum, as constant heat can cause the bond to weaken.
Avoid heated and normal eyelash curlers.
Avoid mascara especially oil based mascaras. Mascara does not enhance your lash extensions.
Above all be gentle, don’t pull or rub your lashes!
Lashes will fall out naturally and fills will be necessary every 3 to 6 weeks.

Pre Waxing Care for Clients

Avoid lotions. Do not apply self-tanners, body sprays, deodorants and other topical creams that are not specially for pre-epilation. Let hair grow. Allow a minimum of 2-3 weeks or at least 1/4 an inch of hair growth if you have been shaving avoid heat.
Don’t go to the tanning bed, hot tub or sauna before appointment.
Wear comfortable clothing. This will prevent irritation after waxing so your clothing doesn’t rub against your affected area.
Ensure that skin is cleansed before max and pre wax product is applied to area of skin with a cotton wool or cotton pad.
The purpose for such is it cleanses the skin and prepares it for the depilatory treatment, by creating an effective protective barrier between the wax and the skin.
Its improved adhesion makes it perfect for use with all types of wax (warm, in a jar or roll on) and makes it easier to remove.


Brow – R65

Lip – R65

Chin – R70

Nose – R65

Forehead – R80

Ear – R100

Full face – R230

Under arm – R125

Tummy – R155 

Hollywood – R295

Brazilian – R285

Bikini – R155

Chest – R130

Back – R160

Full legs – R260

Half legs – R180

Full arm – R160

Half arm – R110

Post Waxing Care for Clients

Ensure that skin is cleansed after wax and a post wax product is applied to area of skin with a cotton wool or cotton pad. Cleaning the skin after a wax is very important as the hair follicles are left open, leaving the skin vulnerable to infection. This can be done with an antibacterial cream or soap, which will help prevent any skin irritations and bacterial infections. Using a tea tree or lavender oil based cream is a good way to soothe skin.
If a client is experiencing irritation, it might be best to avoid friction on the waxed area and this could be done by wearing loose clothing and cotton underwear which will allow the skin to breath, loose clothing also helps to limit the amount of sweating one does after a wax as this provides the ideal breeding grounds for germs and can cause rashes, irritation, redness and breakouts.
Sweating should be avoided at all costs.
No sun for 12 hours following any wax treatment.
No tanning booths for 2 days following a waxing treatment. Extra precaution should be taken if using tanning accelerators.
Wait 2-3 days to wax before/after tanning with accelerators.
No hot bathes for 24 hours following any body waxing treatment. One could take warm but not hot shower and use a soothing cream on the area that has been waxed.
No abrasive scrubs for 24 hours following a waxing treatment.
No deodorants for 24 hours following an underarm waxing treatment.
If irritation should occur, it is recommended one uses an antibiotic ointment such as Neosporin to keep the area continually moist to avoid infection and scabbing.


Brow – R 60.00

Lip – R 60.00

Chin – R 60.00

Full Face – R 220.00


Body Treatments

Body Wrap – R 250.00

Back Exfoliation – R 160.00

Full Body Exfoliation – R 210.00